Some Like it Raw

Winter calls for distinguished aged, raw milk cheese. Pair with a Rahr from Fort Worth, or an unpasteurized bottle-conditioned beer such as Chimay, sparkling wine, accommodating white, big red - whatever's open.

First, get to know Parmigiano Reggiano, Roquefort, Cheddar, France's Comté and Switzerland’s Emmentaler.

Texas has excellent raw milk cheeses. We like Blanca Bianca (Mozzarella Company, Dallas, TX), Bosque Blue (Veldhuizen, Dublin, TX), Paragon (Veldhuizen, Dublin, TX), and Pomme de Chevre (Haute Goat, Lubbock, TX). These are cheeses to savor.

For excellent American raw milk cheeses visit the raw milk cheesemakers’ website.

Don’t be shy in Metroplex stores. Read the labels, ask for a taste and try the cheese that’s being demo’d. That’s how we found King Ludwig King’s Cheese from Bavaria's alps.

Little known Walserstolz from Austria's alps and Fontina Valle d’Aosta from Italy's alps both come from biosphere reserves. Look at the Fontina wheel's logo. That green mountain peak is the Matterhorn. One side’s in Switzerland, the other in Italy, where it’s named Monte Cervino.

Stores: Central Market, Whole Foods, Molto Formaggio, Scardello, Sigel's, Eatzi’s, Mozzarella Company, Market Street, Kroger Mockingbird and Allen stores, Veldhuizen's farm store

- Richard Silverston, December 2008