Pop! Goes the Season:
Wine & Cheese Weekend
Nov 7th, 8th, 9th 2008, 11am
Central Market (all locations)

Each day, each Central Market features different experts and samples - wines, cow, goat, sheep and water buffalo cheeses. Cheese plate? Pairing? No problem.

Wine: Sancerre and California and/or New Zealand Sauv Blanc.
Cheese: we geek out comparing these premium, slowly coagulated, hand-ladled gems for aroma, texture, sweet/saltiness, tang and finish:

• (France) Le Provençal : fresh, melting. A creamy soft chèvre base, a spreading of tapenade, a layer of creamy herbes de Provence chèvre, topped with an olive and leaf
• (France) Rove des Garrigues : a little ball of creamy, white delicious cheese, unique aroma of thyme that grows wild in the garrigue
• (TX) Latte Da Fresh Feta with Kalamata Olive : milky, balanced feta, farmstead, made by Anne Jones from milk of her own goats
• (TX) Mozzarella Company Fresh Goat Cheese : very soft, spreadable and mild with fresh herbal notes, this chèvre was developed for The Mansion on Turtle Creek over 20 years ago
• (VT) Vermont Butter and Cheese Bijou : French-style ripened goat cheese, fresh and mild with a sweet rind when young. Aged, the interior becomes soft and the flavor more robust
• (VT) Vermont Butter and Cheese Bonne Bouche : ash-ripened round, mild yet still acidic like a fresh chèvre, becomes more piquant with age
• (CA) Redwood Hill California Crottin : French-style, wrinkly, geotrichum candidum rind, fluffy texture and robust, earthy flavor
• (Spain) Monte Enebro : creamy, lightly acidic, slightly salty. Dense texture, ashed rustic ripened rind, oval shaped log

- Karen Silverston, November 2008