Picks: Santola NV Vinho Verde, Rosé

It's too hot to think of dinner before dark and unwise to remove a cellar treasure. Better to put $10 into the winter releases kitty and pick up Santola Vinho Verde or Rosé from Portugal for less than the cost of an evening movie ticket.

Both wines are non-vintage and slightly sparkling. Check the Vinho Verde back label and verify the year next to the bottle id is this year. The wine is intended to be drunk young and the year indicates when the grapes were picked and the wine was bottled. Avoid back of the shelf bottles from last year.

Santola means crab and the red crab pictured on the label doubles as a pairing hint. No need to cook. Take it to your local BYOB Thai and let your waiter suggest the best dish tonight. The slight sweetness in the wine is perfect for the hot and sweet spice of Thai food.

At only 9% alcohol for the white and 11% for the rosé it's a no headaches, no regrets no-brainer. Chill it and chill out.

Our favorite Thai BYOBs:
Jasmine, SE corner Spring Creek & Custer, Plano 972.517.1677
Noodle Wave, NE corner Spring Valley & Coit, Richardson 972.690.3637
Karen Silverston 8/15/03