Tune in to the redhead

Karen MacNeil, featured in a new PBS series, is the author of The Wine Bible--one of our favorite books. She chairs the Professional Wine Studies program at the Culinary Institute of America, Napa Valley, and is also a wine columnist.

Dallas Public Television, Channel 13 KERA premiered Wine, Food & Friends with Karen MacNeil on November 2nd, 2004. Look for the next episode on 3/22/05, at 1 pm. It’s fresh and enjoyable, and you’ll want to plan your own tasting after you see it. To check KERA 13's schedule search for Wine, Food & Friends.

Wine, Food & Friends
Although not Dallas-based, Grilling & Barbecue, Texas-Style (Episode 103) visits the Texas Hill Country Wine and Food Festival, Ed and Susan Auler at Fall Creek, and Cooper’s BBQ in Llano. Spicy grilled shrimp and chenin blanc, grilled chicken and quail with both pinot gris and pinot noir, grilled steak and cab, and, the surprise ending, ribs and bubbles. Flawless. Maybe add some grilled fruit of the season.

We like the Sip Tips. If the PBS series tips appeal to you, you’re hooked; you will crave the book. One tip we like reminds us we always sniff the glass before pouring precious wine into it. Glasses often acquire off aromas, whether freshly cleaned or resting on an impeccable armoire shelf. Another tip advises stay in one section of the store for six months or so. Grin.

The Time magazine article
Time cites MacNeil as "missionary of the vine" in the Dec. 6, 2004 article.

The Diane Rehm show
Diane Rehm interviewed Karen MacNeil Wednesday, December 8th, 2004. If you missed the KERA broadcast, you still can listen to the archive of the 11am hour.

The Wine Bible
Clear and useful. Too big to hold in one hand. Readable maps, photos, graphics, highlight color, and smart layout make information stand out. It's easy to locate something you remember from an earlier read. Even in a whopping 900 pages.

MacNeil, an excellent educator, knows you will skip around but thinks the opener, “Mastering Wine” (110 pages), is the most important part of the book. Skipping is irresistible—you'll roam the next 500 pages before arriving at wines of the United States. And there's more: another 400 pages. No, you won't go cover to cover, but like us, you’ll turn to this bible often.

Does redhead ring a bell? In How to Use this Book MacNeil says she married Dennis Fife, of Fife Vineyards, while writing The Wine Bible. Sounds like another good pairing. Now, didn't we have a bottle of Fife somewhere in the cellar?

Karen Silverston, February 2005