4th Regional Wine Week Oct 9 - 15th, 2011

During Regional Wine Week anyone with a blog or a website is encouraged to submit a story to be linked to on the site. If you blog or post something about your favorite wine or region, DrinkLocalWine will link to that. The aggregated stories will provide a snapshot of regional wine. Over the past three years, writers from across the country have covered dozens of states.

There is also a contest to promote regional wine week.
47 Word Contest: Write 47 words about your favorite local wine, producer or region
Deadline: Saturday, 15-Oct, 2011
Where to send entry: drinklocalwine at gmail dot com
Prizes: Tickets to Drink Local Wine 2012 in Colorado; Wild Vine by Todd Kliman; Sipping Point by Laurie Forster, and Wine Shields, a wine preservation system
The only rule: write about your favorite local wine, producer or region that isn’t from California, Washington or Oregon (get it? the other 47...)
Who may enter: Open to all.

DrinkLocalWine.com's goal is to spotlight wine made in the 47 states and Canada that aren't California, Washington, and Oregon. It's the brainchild of Washington Post wine columnist Dave McIntyre and wine blogger Jeff Siegel, a/k/a the Wine Curmudgeon.

- DallasWine.com, October 2011