Stephan Pyles' Celebrity Chef Dinner

Date/time:Sunday, November 7th, 2010, Champagne reception 6 pm; dinner 7pm
Location: Stephan Pyles restaurant, 1807 Ross Avenue (at St. Paul Street), Dallas TX 75201
Cost: $150 includes tax and gratuity. Dinner and auction benefit the The Stephan Pyles Culinary Scholarship, via the Wine and Food Foundation of Texas

Celebrity Chefs and Menu Items:
1st: Hirame Dry Miso and Tuna Tataki with Cilantro Dressing
Matt Raso, Nobu
2nd: Maine Diver Scallop with Sea Urchin, Celery Root and Beech Mushroom
Blaine Staniford, Grace
3rd: Duck Cavatelli, Swiss Chard & Shaved Foie Gras
Jeff Harris, Craft
4th: Pork Jowl Bacon & Half Sour Cucumber Salad with Sweet Chile, Mustard & Molasses
Tim Byres, SMOKE
5th: Portuguese Grilled Cap of Ribeye, Kale-Bacon Fried Cornmeal with Caramelized Pearl Onions and Fall Spiced Apple Chutney
Stephan Pyles and Matt McCallister, Stephan Pyles
6th: Persimmon Pudding, Brown Butter Chestnut, Membrillo and Citrus-Butternut Squash Spoom
Katherine Clapner, Dude Sweet Chocolate

Reserve: online or phone 512.327.7555

- Richard Silverston, November 2010